Hacking time depends largely on the security of your target. Some cases take a few hours, some 1-2 days depending on the priority of tasks.
All conversations with Helpcare are encrypted in SHA-256, and there’s no way to disrupt or gather data from our side.
Yes. It is.
Charges are dependent on the service you requested for.
In this case, your request will be transferred to our refunds department where it will be processed, and the refund will be made within 3-4 working days of initial payment.
Any information relating to the target will be helpful and make the process faster. We however need data based on your request, for example if you want to hack a Facebook account, you need to submit an email address or username that is linked to that account.
For security reasons, we don’t accept payments via paypal and credit cards as they are monitored by authorities and agencies.
Our customer support team is here to answer your questions. Ask us anything!